Looking Glass

make another chess move
my poor government
but this queen’s in charge
and damn well hell-bent
you stole my pawn
tried to kill my king
but I promise you this
you’ll lose everything

men don’t rule the world
so just step out of line
cuz the species that rules
doesn’t torture for crime
get out of my way
cuz I’ll ruin you now
you will make my day
and I will take that bow

short is the fuse
that connects you to life
and for all your abuse
say goodbye to your wife
by plague or by sword
since you play you shall die
thus saith the lord
for those you’ve made cry

your fortress is weak
the pressure is mounting
the guards are afraid
cuz the people are coming
there is no escape
for the demons of hell
and the wicked who serve them
the evil cartel

get your mobs
get your drones
get your gold and your guns
for what now unfolds
is from which you can’t run
‘tis the hand of my God
that shall smite you alas
no more place
for your soul
in the looking glass

Psalm 37