Love Plan

Tell me my lord
Is there really a way
For hope to be seen
by all those betrayed

Can the paperboys throw
the poems like news
to all of the homes
of all the abused

Can we rally the troops, lord
proclaim victory
or must we use a sword
to set them all free

Precious love of a god
I beg u of this
bring all forces together
to end in a kiss

I know they are there
just like our enemies
the good on our team
yes they I can see

Hold the torch way up high
to light up the way
for the prisoners whereby
to hear us all say
come now and come all
to the foot of the throne
no matter the fall
i’m calling you home

Get your hearts
Leave your minds
All behind you today
For ahead of you lies
Just the beauty I’ve made

No more death
No more dying
No more tears
No more pain
For this is the time
Of Christ’s eternal reign

Ready or not !!
Here I come!!
Is my bride ready now?
For my heart she has won !!

I shall come on my horse
on the clouds in the sky
I’ve been waiting, of course
for the time to be right

No, death never did
get the best of me
I’ve been living with dad
after leaving that tree

I know you’ve been waiting
I’ve not been asleep
I’ve been working all day
for your soul to now keep

But my horse is all dressed
and I’m in my robe
We’re saddled and ready
To head to your globe

So look up and rejoice
for the time is at hand
Tune your heart to my voice
You’re the love in my plan