No need to fear the end

I don’t think there’s a real end so to speak
there will be changes of great magnitude
on this earth for sure
and i do believe in the conspiracy theory
the illuminati, the one world order and the anti-christ
but because they are not eternal
and Christ is
I believe in Him more
and trust in Him more for my fate than I do them

And I look at all that as Biblical fulfillment of prophecy
something that will happen
according to God
before Jesus comes back and rules the earth
and I’m not going to change God’s word
and God can handle it
so I’m not worried about it
because He has commanded us to not worry
and He promises to take care of His people

as a matter of fact
i hope it comes quickly
so that the new earth comes quickly
and all the suffering stops
and as much as I am aware of atrocity
even death is a merciful act of God
he put a time limit on suffering that way
but you see
i don’t believe death is the end either
just a wonderful new beginning
something I look forward to with great reverence

so do i warn people about the one world order
I do
It’s in my web site under politics
But what’s more
it’s all over the Discovery Channel
people know already
trust that
there are armies out there for sure
ready to fight in a revolution
but I am not going to get lost in the battle
because my focus is on peace and love
and not on war and evil

look at it this way
if i want to sharpen skills
do i sharpen my sword
or do i sharpen my faith
worry about the evil?
remember this
worry uproots faith
and i’d rather have faith
because worry is a trap
one that robs faith
the faith I’ll need
to move the mountains
so rather than hold a bloody sword
with the blood of men
I would rather arm myself with faith
To move a mountain
that maybe even has an army of men on it
it’s pretty simple
i want the best and the most
i want more than flesh can do

my faith is the kind of faith
that doesn’t depend on me
it’s a faith that depends on God’s ability
cuz if I don’t know how to fix it
and i cannot possibly fix it
it being the one world order and antichrist
then it be God who will
for I know He can do all things
i do not doubt Him
I don’t doubt His existence
And I don’t doubt His master plan
for i have had
too many supernatural experiences to do that

i have doubted His love for me however
until i learned that it was His love
that kept me from being rewarded while worrying
so that He could teach me to not worry
and to have ulimate faith
where my knowledge and ability didn’t matter
as much as His
the best channel of His power
for where there is mine
there blocks out His
and His is
the best there ever is
the most powerful
I will not stand in His way
But I will lay my will down
And my worry down
Lay evil down
The hate, the unforgiveness, the anger, the fight
To be a vessel
For His power

after all the men try and stop the anti-christ
and try and stop the 3rd world war
and find out they cannot
will their worry or their blood
or the blood of their enemies benefit them
after their swords are dulled
from the flesh of men they have killed
what then?
who is glorified then
i fear not the man who can kill me
but i fear the God who not only can kill me
but throw my body into Hell
it is His will I desire
and He commanded me
to overcome evil with good
and to love
as He did for us
through Christ

now understand this
through all my trials
i have cursed God
but what He gave me in return
was more understanding of His love
and more reason for faith
and the importance of not worrying
because it destroys faith
the faith that moves the mountains

the battle is mine saith the Lord
it is not a battle of flesh and blood
but of powers and principalities
for revenge is mine saith the Lord

His people will be delivered
these the children of God
they that love Him

so if you fear
fear not men
and if you worry
understand you cut off your own faith
you cut off miracles
and you cut off rewards
and if you think life ends
think again

so when you see evil
overcome it with good
and spend not all your days
planning the death of your foes
and glorifying the works of evil men
and of satan
because that does nothing
but eat you alive
rest assured their fate awaits them
declares the Lord
understand that God will come again
and the only real end there will be
is the end of suffering
for salvation draweth nigh
for those whose hope is in the Lord