Profound World

ought we rage
at the military
at chiefs in armies
and their secretaries
enough information
to blow up this place
to cure it
or kill it
and leave no trace

and the queens and the popes
on their own golden thrones
and corporate execs
with their bloodbound drones
they’ve ruled the earth
oil men like dick cheney
kill civilians
make orphans
then eat your sweet cookie

damn you men
damn your bombs
damn you royal family
damn you crooks
damn you popes
you can’t set the world free
you gluttons of wealth
with your wars of crime
overturn all your tables
I’ll get drunk off your wine

and all you deceived
all you hypocrites too
so brainwashed by religion
you can’t see the truth
fight your wars
murder neighbors
then watch your favorite fuck show
give your money to bankers
die of cancer and glow

turn around
hear the sound
of humanity
see the blood
feel the pain
of the child on knees
see the belly
but from no food to eat
rescue them
not the gems
for your own golden streets

who else to recruit
for the love of mankind
who can smell
who can taste
the need
and the cries
the rich
and the poor
it’s the great divide
where’s my Robin Hood hero
to end evil pride

is there enough money
to force change for love
to stop all the greed
and the bombs from above
the answer is clear
the rich must come down
the poor must come up
how profound, how profound