The Rich

How did they get rich
I’ll tell you the way
by being a bitch
or stealing the pay

Or maybe they just
got fed with a spoon
or charged for lust
at the saloon

Gave up their soul to
kiss ass of another
to increase their bankroll
or swindled their brother

Yes all the paths
to get their gain
they’ve dealt out wrath
and put you in chains

Richer got richer
and the poor more poor
while all the preachers
just took some more

Selfish is
their middle name
Hoarding is
their only game

But the price they paid
for all this honey
they’ve gotten played
by this thing called money

Harder for a camel
to go through the eye of a needle
Not on Heaven’s roll call
the root of all evil

Cuz if the rich had heart
they’d save orphans and widows
but no they can’t part
with riding their limos

Orphans keep dying
Golden goose in jail
Widows keep crying
Golden rule for sale