Truth Game

who are you fighting for
when you want to win this war
convince the ones who already know
or the one’s who need to grow
what’s your pleasure
how do you measure

the cool, the rich
the in of the crowd
step right up
and take your bow
while the party is there
the rest left to die
no need to be cool
that’s the reason why

the forgotten
the lonely
the hurting
the slaves
will be the ones
to fight for today
the revolution
is a war against men
the heads of the world
demons again

so think twice before you
decide who to approve
the masters and gods
vipers own brood
leave them alone
in their own pool of blood
robinhood hero
is not friends with the mud

fear not this the end
for the Lord is the God
the oppressed and the hurting
on his side is Geek’s squad
for truth is not only
God’s middle name
it’s the power and might
and the name of the game