Oh Video, Oh Video

lover to lover
they listen on phone
how ’bout that nice threesome
you’re never alone

children on twitter
every word that they speak
your new babysitter
lives on cyberspace street

20 years from today
when town bully gets mad
will be your doomsday
cuz he’s got your notepad

what a world it will be
but already it is
when no word is free
all words jailed in a tiz

the cameras in malls
and on highways for all
in banks and on corners
and in homes more eyeballs
in your phones and your cars
and in games as you play
not a moment unwatched
all recorded today

state surveillance you say
that can’t possibly be
but if it is so
‘tis so we can be free
free from the terror
of bombs and grenades
yet most of all killing
is what our taxes pay

yes we pay and we say
to make bombs that we send
across the great sea
to those we call friends
then they kill and destroy
they say my enemy
but I’ve never seen them
much like the plane’s wings

yes the plane that had wings
for the great war on terror
never broke the glass windows
like they weren’t even there
the great mystery
where did the wings go
weren’t left on the grass
must have been a typo

pentagon clan
calling nsa control
go to 1999
and look up mrs. jones
cuz I’m feelin’ kinda frisky
and I want to do her man
and blackmail is so easy now
to carry out my plan
and while you’re in my records
will you see what you can do
cuz I forgot my shopping list
I need some help from you

and take out the nice videos
from 2002
cuz I wanna wear that dress again
and I can’t find my shoes

oh video, oh video
thank God for you and yours
just make sure
I never see
the ones of all the wars