While the world suffers

how can i smile
when i know others are hurting
even just for a while
their hardship i’m skirting

the orphans and hungry
whose pain seems no end
the kids in the army
who just can’t pretend

most people don’t help them
they just lay in their pools
strive for some diamonds
and gossip with fools

movie stars
rock stars
sports stars
and porn stars
even when dead
the attentions and money
to them goes instead

churches build temples
while orphans starve and die
popes and queens on golden thrones
i know the reason why

how can i laugh
while children are crying
wake up all the sheep
the serpent is lying

one morsel i eat
like that of a glutton
the starving i cheat
at the push of a button

when i sleep in my bed
in the comforts of home
no pillow for their head
cuz the homeless just roam

while i walk on the beach
and breathe in the air
the others who preached
crucified cuz they dared

how can we be happy
when we know there is pain
while the lonely are aching
in the place for insane

while young girls get their clits cut
and babies get raped
women get beat up
and cannot escape

when anything’s wrong
how can i be glad
and distance myself
from the ones who are sad

it just cannot be
my mind’s in the dark
the answer in me
by God must be sparked

if i sink in the sand
from my heavy heart
there will be no band
to help music start

so i think of the ones
who already give
and pray for the others
who just wish to live

but with more good than evil
i can still rejoice
even in battle
while i have a voice

so i rejoice for the good
in the hearts that do care
the ones in servanthood
who are helping there

and while biding our time
with all who despair
know for makers of crime
to Hell they are heir

and when God says enough
for the victims they slay
to Heaven He takes them
He takes them away

and yet i still mourned
and feeling ill
i cried out to the Lord
cuz i still felt the chill

In His great loving care
He said Psalm 37
and after reading it there
I know ’twas His voice from Heaven

for I didn’t know beforehand
what words I would see
but here He is again
speaking to me

all power in the universe
at His command
yet He scoops me up like a wilted flower
and saves my life again

and the white flower petal
i lost in my Bible
that kissed my dear dead friend
though I looked and shook in search of it
i could not find it again
i thought it fell out
and i had my doubts
but alas i’ve found it
on Psalm 37