WikiLeaks Army

Sorry … this poem was written before Sands discovered Assange is CIA.

Calling on high
What are we to do
Countrymen lied
but we had no clue
Too busy making money
to keep up with the Jones
The land of milk and honey
turned into dry bones

Yes, the land of the free
and the home of the brave
has spent all our money
putting souls in the grave
Our leaders have lied
Stealth is their reason
Their alibi
we’ve all committed treason

They caught them and killed them
engaged in denial
but say it’s all legal
no need for a trial
Spy on you and make you
swear to God  it’s true
Then tell you
forget you
not your business
you’re through

And this one
killed that one
and that one killed this
so forever they’ll kill more
to make it all bliss
And powers belong
to the ones who have guns
or the ones
who own
the biggest mansions

No more rights
Some more laws
Add some torture won’t you
No more truth
Can’t withdraw
That’s the best they can do
And if you speak out
for humanity’s sake
you ought fear for your life
cuz that they can take

Who shall be bold
to the world I do ask
just me and my poems
to fulfill this task
Nay I say to you all
there’s an army out there
so stand straight and stand tall
for they are prepared

The invisible war
being fought on mainframes
is just a memoir
of all their war games
It’s the truth of this matter
that will set us all free
and for that we can thank
WikiLeaks army *