WikiLeaks Heroes

Sorry … this poem was written before Sands discovered Assange is CIA.

WikiLeaks *
we don’t blame you
only for wanting
all that is true

Crushes the soul
to see the bloodshed
Damage control
You’re a watershed

And little boy Bradley
who just came along
only to see
Death play its song

Imagine the shame
of the men who did send
these immature brains
off to war to expend

First age 20
then 30
and now even 40
say the docs that our brains can’t mature

lordy lordy

Yes, they know
and yet still
they send them to war
these our little kids killed
or home gored and ignored

but the fact still remains
they charged a young man
when it’s proven his brain
could not form a plan

oh these men
and war games
on the lives of our youth
have no care
and no love
for humanity truth

Julian, Chelsea and Jeremy *
You’re our truth heroes
for eternity

All you did was wish us
to know all that was wrong
and for that
you’ve been tortured
far, far too long

Bible says in the Psalms
evil soon be destroyed
all of them and their bombs
and all their convoys

but as for you
and your trouble
it is not for not
for the hope of the future
is for what you have fought
and the advances you’ve gained
in life, love and truth
are already attained
in eternal virtue

so hold on
dear brothers
for this too shall pass
and your freedoms
be handed to you
yes, alas