Happy Endings

Okay, it’s dead
I killed it
The love that was there
The one with you
I wanted to share

I did it because
I didn’t want to hurt
And now i’m on xanax
liquor and dirt

can’t go else and find it
cuz it’s never there
only men I don’t like
the ones I don’t care

so the only thing I have
is a dead fantasy
cuz I killed it again
back to my misery

it’s the drugs
and the dopamine
I need right now
not waiting by phones
cuz they’re here and now

take them
whenever u feel sad
they help you pass time
though not make u glad

gotta give up on romance
no dance in my cards
just make some money
and give it to bars
every once in a while
go out alone
and remind myself of
my dead bones

I suppose the joy
that’ll happen one day
is when this body dies
and dives in the grave

no more need for love
or romance or sex
just sleeping, no feelings
RIP is the best