Love Sabatoge

Ugh I’m irked
got no patience
Went berserk
damn dat distance

What did i do
Spoiled the fun
Thinking of u
Don’t wanna run

Half way around
The world you are
not in my town
Really far

in ur arms
I would love to be
But my alarm
Says fantasy

How can I miss
one I’ve never met
Even the kiss
I lose. I regret

This internet dating
It’s You I lose
Trouble mating
I’m so confused

So I kill it off
To end my pain
Though I’m not turned off
What do I gain

Balance the pros
With the cons
No one knows
What could be gone

So I bare it all
Leaving a mess
And hope that the call
Will fix and bless

Whatever it be
You or not
Help me see
Then tie a knot