Love’s Passersby

People wander
Cuz they don’t know home
Relationships squandered
Round and round roam

Sometimes when you want
But can only get half
you protectively taunt
what you think you can’t have

if the crystal ball
could tell the unknown
who’d always call
or pick up the phone

who’d really love you
and you love them back
who’d be true
or just in the sack

keepin’ open all doors
exploring your options
ending in wars
jus’ exercisin’ caution

can’t really trust
what you don’t even know
can’t say we must
don’t say it ain’t so

fractured and bent
date state of mind
already spent
heart’s now blind

can’t see anymore
the hope there to be
need for amour
trust unknown plea

we do what we will
in the game we all play
when roulette lays still
just see if it pays

either this or you be
the fool for love’s take
unraveling the mystery
of your own heart’s keepsake

can’t be that the one
who didn’t work out
was one of the chosen
so no need to pout

all along are life’s lessons
the steps on your road
one day there’ll be blessin’
your prince from a toad

you know what you need
protect how you feel
let your heart lead
you’ll see when it’s real

no regrets for what’s gone
look ahead … more to come
your heart’s love song
will one day be sung