Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder

listen up and give me your ear
Gotta save the women here
if you’ve never heard of this before
it’s from using vibrators to score
a direct hit
right on the clit
so easy to cum
when you use one
but then here’s the problem
no end to the beat of that drum

now the clit has a head of its own
don’t matter where your mind’s in a zone
like taking a pill that leaves you frustrated
and you’re only relief is being castrated

think sex is gonna relieve the urge
but not even that can make it purge
cuz feeding that monster makes it even worse
and all of a sudden your body’s a curse

the docs haven’t heard
and the friends think it’s funny
you’re a strange bird
with no bees on the honey
shut the monster down
kill your libido
can’t go to town
and stay away from Guito

they’ll give you some Prozac
and tell you to wait
but whatever you do
don’t masturbate
cuz sex makes this
grow more and more
like high alert in the middle of war
a nerve in the clit
that’s reving too high
if it doesn’t shut down
feel like you need to die

throw the vibrators away
don’t need them to play
cuz they’ll throw back a curve
and fuck up the nerve

but you’ll be fine
with Prozac and time
cuz it kills the sex drive
til the nerve takes a dive
and when you have sex again
my dear precious friend
don’t use the vibrator
though it’s loving you now
it can be such a hater