The Deception: Those who string several people along simultaneously making each one of them believe they are the primary love interest in that person’s life.

You’re not a player
if you just change your mind
or if you’re exploring
as long as you’re kind
but whatever you do
don’t leave others behind
without putting up
an honest stop sign

if you’re walking away
or just say so
if you want to go
but don’t go goodbye
without saying why

so how do you know if you’re being played
cuz they’re fucking another
while home you have stayed
wondering why the phone didn’t ring
as they were off using their own ding-a-ling

when you feel unloved and left alone
home and cryin’ by the phone
understand they’re not thinking of you
and really don’t care if you’re singin’ the blues
cuz if you were what they really wanted
by this love you wouldn’t be haunted

good luvin’ just doesn’t feel that way
it’s always there ready and willing to play
but what most gives a player away
are the tons of sweet words but not here today

cuz if their words were really true
they’d be right there with you

to thine own self be true
if you cheat, you cheat yourself too
by staying with someone
you don’t really want to

if you want many
and lie to them all
your day is coming
one day you’ll fall
and for those you deceive
although now they may grieve
better off without you
Lord knows this to be true

evil lies in the souls of men
who do this to women
and the blood on their hands
from the hearts they have pierced
will soon be their own
surprising and fierce

vengeance is mine
saith the Lord
and against His might
they can hold no sword
though He is kind
just a matter of time
the evil with fall
they’ll get their reward

folks with no courage
who just walked away
leaving others discouraged
no guts to say
what really went wrong
all along in those days
grow a spine in your mind
and leave them not blind
it’s okay to go
but do let them know
for it’s far worse to wonder
than it is the great thunder

those who did put on that lid
leaving closure for exposure
met with a glare of hatred declared
have mercy i say
it was just their dispair
but at least you did say
before you walked away
that it just wasn’t right
leaving them in the light

and in the end remember
that your happiness though tender
on them does not depend
for to love you can surrender
and with the treasure in your heart
yes there’s always a new start
and this that felt so bad
without it you can be glad