The pins are lined up
The dots are all there
The t’s have been crossed
My checklist is bare

And what lies before me
Is a vision of you
But my mind shuts it off
cuz that can’t be true

the head of a turtle
coming out for a look
but retracts in its shell
afraid of the hook

shut down the hope
when the joy rushes in
can’t be a dope
could end in tailspin

want to go slow
but can’t stop the flow
nobody knows
which way the wind blows

if I dare play out
my fantasy
this is how
it would be

I’d see you
and you’d see me
and something about it
would all agree

Laughter and love
Respect and sex
Music and travel
And all of the rest

The holy grail
The hormone filled cup
A legacy trail
The mission is up

A walk on the rainbow
to get to the place
where the calling we’d know
we’d be in full grace

and that’d be the dream
if dreams ought come true
no way to know
if that includes you

go slow and be friends
it’s the name of the game
or it could all end
and be back to the same

yet not shut it all down
play ball you did say
I’ll give it a round
one run for today

i wonder when it’s
time to see
when a dream
can be believed