dressin’ up for
giving your money to
openin’ doors
waiting and wondering
explaining much why
and doing it all
all ’til you die

checkin’ in
checkin’ out
and giving your all
these things so devout
have been your pitfall
tied to a man
or even in search of
with all that you can
for the thing you call love

but what could be better
than trading your soul
to become a fetcher
for the other man’s goal

the need you call romance
can you do it alone?
or must you enchant
a man with a bone
the ecstasy users
don’t need anyone
for they’ve found a way
around that loaded gun

why should it make sense
to wait for another
when all that you are
is not in that brother
for you already know
you touch better than he
and when you need to let go
you don’t want him to see

so take all of your will
your energy
and romance yourself
so you can stay free
save your time and your money
your sweat and your blood
and begin to say honey
to yourself … not the dud

and when you need a friend
friends galore you do have
for they never end
nor take all your salve

so romance yourself
take all that you give
you’ll be happier for it
once again for to live
and when the urge bites you
to suffer for men
indulge in yourself
til you feel better again

take all of your money
and all of your time
all of your riches
and all of your wine
every last drop
while you toil for more
then drink for yourself
you’re a god in this war

how dare you they say
be so grand to yourself
give it all away
selfish witches from hell
give to the poor
and give to the man
and do it some more
and then do it again

give up your rights
and let them have their way
the kids and the poor
and the men as they stray
and even when you’ve become
sick and poor
they’ll not let you go
they’ll just make you a whore

ladies and gentlemen
my children so dear
’tis time for the mother
to have her own cheer

to not need a man
for his pleasures and money
nor strap her desires
on the back of her buggy
’tis time for her will
to be the light torch before her
before she dies
at the hands of her butchers

mamas i love you
women who care
be good to yourselves
princesses dare