Hey star
What’s your real name
You play guitar
like your woman game

Snort your lines
off a stripper’s ass
Short lifeline
Not much class

But your heart’s like gold
though you fool your own
Cuz you sold your soul
your love ain’t home

Play songs of others
Left yours alone
Just like your lover
You won’t touch that stone

You’re a baby boy
and a teenage girl
Still play with toys
that can’t fill your world

Gotta have your cake
and eat it too
The only mistake
sweets kill you

Hey rockstar
What’cha gonna do
Play this tune
To thine self be true

Cuz the holy grail
of sweet romance
Isn’t on fuck trail
It don’t do dat dance

There’s only one cup
for two to share
If you want to drink up
It’s just an affair

But the reason you tasted
is cuz your cup’s not full
Your mind’s not wasted
It’s the heart’s own rule

When you’re satisfied
You stay where you are
But when the love dies
the heart travels far

The road you’re on
luvin’ a married woman
is a burned out song
doesn’t end like heaven

Eating a cake like that
though there’s lots of frostin’
Can make u fat
but love it’s costin’

A bro like you
is too smart not to know
when your heart isn’t true
it’s time to go

Sing for the world
the greatest lovesong
the one where your heart
knows where it belongs