Sex before Trust

oh when the magic
sweeps you off your feet
and ends so tragic
after all that heat

amazing old lust
made you lose your head
when there was no trust
and now it’s all dead

and what you did do
was give your heart away
to be treated like poo
by a stranger betrayed

guys say many things
to get you in bed
like coming with strings
but don’t even own thread

so you let down your walls
and have sex you must
for when romance calls
can’t hold back that thrust

and you don’t even know him
though you feel it’s like years
but ’twas only a whim
and now you’re in tears

there’s a balance that’s matched
in the timing of this
not to get too attached
without trust in the bliss

though not waste too much time
to see if he can please
for your fantasy sublime
may be just but a tease

lots like drinking some tea
too hot and burn tongue
but cold it will be
if not had when it’s young

so yes there is
a perfect measure
of trust in sex
for sweetened pleasure

cuz unless you don’t care
if you’re being played
better not dare
dogs in heat don’t stay