Slut Paradigm Shift

I met a couple
of really nice young guys
shoulder-length hair
and beautiful eyes
but neither of them
could last very long
one in under 2 minutes
was done with his dong
and the other just looked
and then it was done
cuz he just couldn’t wait
one more second to cum
I then formed a philosophy
that all the old men shared with me
young men just don’t last sexually

and then came another day
when other young men and i rolled in the hay
One was 23 and the other 24
And I had sex with both of them 😉
now does that make me a whore
a whore, a ho a prostitute
are only for those who pay
a slut is not as wise i suppose
cuz she only goes for play

well this was a very big paradigm shift
when i became aware
that young guys can do all kinds of tricks
that even the old won’t dare
and yes it’s true they may be fast
but done again can really last

so I was wrong i do believe
cuz the older spread that philosophy
just to have their way with me
to keep women to themselves
ohhhhh those lil ole men devils
I say now the stamina of men
Is not so much dependent on them
as it is their turned on minds
or the drugs they’ve just combined

H’mmm you say
Where’s she going with all this
and to dare share with us this bliss
oh my gosh she’s quite a nut
and what’s more she’s such a slut!!

Well now that calls for another paradigm shift
what is a slut don’t you be miffed
a word that came solely from men
Described by society as a woman of sin
who sexually uses her body and lips
in non-committal relationships
a great insult to her for sure
a lowly woman with character poor

for this to be true
one must assume
that it’s better to wait
wait for a groom
to have sex only after committed
religious morality babysitted

But since God made law then yielded it to love
is love broad enough now to cover that love
as in the days of old
where Solomon in all his gold
had 800 wives we’ve all been told
the wisest one in all the world
the richest man who’ll ever rule

for three decades now
i’ve been born-again
One thing I have learned
But not from religion
rules made by men claiming to be Godly
but have long forgotten mercy
with mine own eyes
i’ve read in scripture
there’s no more law
you get the picture
For the marriage law
was the very law used
as the law we are freed from

no more being abused
And all is permissible
St. Paul said in his letter
when he talked about prostitutes
and living life to the letter

so tell me now how broad is love
is it enough to cover love

There’s one thing sure: men are different
in what is said and what is meant
And what I’m finding now to be
with good conscience and honesty
the blessed right and freedoms had
whom to choose and whom to love
in the good ole grace that God gave
to try out man before livin’ in his cave
for to commit our life to be his wife
we’d enter so blindly
without testin’
what’s in front of his hiney

you see only a person who lacks his head
would bury himself before he’s dead
or buy a house before he sees it
or bring home shoes with no try-zees-it
imagine buying a car
without testing the ride
or not laying on that mattress
you have to sleep on all night
and how many times have you gotten home
kickin’ yourself for not trying clothes on
yet for a lifelong decision
of choosing a partner for sex
you think you can get it all through a text

the one thing that sets this apart from all others
is not the time to rely on your mothers
this one’s for sex and sex alone
and you’re gonna have to live with that bone
so test it and try it in all love and glee
for to do otherwise is stupidity
there is no prudence in being a prude
not when it comes to trying who on you

and to spend months dating
just to learn that your hun
can’t really even get a hard on
brings nothing but pain and emptiness
if you had just put him to the test
for much is learned while in the act
who is giving and who’s a selfish cat
who is able
and who is not
who is satisfying
and who would not
and these things cannot be discovered
about sex until under the covers

be ye not deceived
all men are not the same
the body
the heart
the giving
the flame

now i’m in enlightened grace
where I see no value spending time in chase
dating someone to see if they’re a great lover
you just gotta test
so take off your sweater
cuz there’s only one thing
that’s between just you two
the thing that is sticky
and acts like the glue

yes much good sex
is the one thing you’ll need
cuz you’ll never get all
from just one if you please
so make sure my good people
that you really do get
the proof that you’ll have
amazing great sex
after that, it’s no secret to me
that respect and laughter make for longevity

the great paradox
no sex before marriage
must now become part
of a scary old heritage
the great paradigm shift
to see grace in this matter
just as it was for the Mad Hatter
for there is no other way to go
ain’t no other way to know
if the person you choose for lifelong sex
will even be someone who passes the test
emotionally and in bed with thee
hear ye, oh hear ye, oh hear ye now me

for the woman who is wise enough
to sexually scope out her young buff
you’re not a woman of low character
just one smarter than the average bear
to test her vessel before she sets sea
making quite sure she’s got enough to eat
let no man fool you of this
this journey you’re on
though thick, hard and raw
to discover your love
against it there’s no law

and for this shame
on men fall the blame
men of the ages
from all sorts and stages
who adopted this worm
this worm of a term
and then trained all their brothers
their sisters and mothers
with all of their guts
to view women as sluts
these the men who did same
defiling women for gain
first in flesh then out loud
then with stones in a crowd
yet no word matured
in english dictionaries
No word for a slut
for the gender of He
nor should there ever be
not for he, nor for she

and as we evolve
the patriarchs fading
the emergence of gender equality aiding
matriarchs are once again reigning
as it was in the very beginning
taking back their own dominance
breaking down the great wall of china slut fence
has been with much death and expense
but the signs are all there
we’ve become more aware
women voting and working
and braiding their hair

and now in this
modern generation
there are women like me
dating young hot sensations
these enlightened young men
with gentle old souls
who prefer older women
like scoring a goal
cougars are gaining
these beautiful women
and the prize they receive
the hope of God in all men

So let this be the light
to all who were made
to feel bad for the love
the love that they craved
For it was nothing but
an unlasting trick
of a man afraid
for his own selfish dick
To keep women only
for his kiss
enrolled and controlled
in abusiveness

For God made sex
and lives in men and women
experiences all we do
even when in Heaven
He knows what it feels like
understands it all, too
all tease and please
and everything you

And looking through the heart of God
which is made of gold
without first even trying out the rod
no mercy forcing young to commit until old
for to explore human sexuality
is not immorality
with one the experience is mutual and loving
consensual and in truth
and in the other lies deceit at the root
for now with the end of the law
the only thing immoral
is the one without love
the rape and the toil
the players and cheaters and all the deceivers

so women and men
as we evolve
with each passing day
these things we shall solve
always upwards towards perfection
it’s okay to test erection
and i’d be amiss if i didn’t say now
that this applies to all somehow
so men make sure she’s good to you, too
for if not
your balls will be blue

and In light of eternity
where one day we shall all be
where there is neither sex nor gender
and no need there even to bend her
let us bathe in the grace
of a loving good King
having passed over the era
where once stoned for such things