how these men crave me
these men who have lovers
the lies for the prize be
another woman to conjur

some feel guilty
some in part
but through me
they see what’s in their heart

most remain prisoners
in the bondage they live
remaining captive
of what they can’t give
rarely findin’ glory
in what they now hold
loves cheatin’ story
the one never told

a soulless face
on a magazine
not much more
than a girl machine
crossin’ their world
on a whim’s night scheme
livin’ their life
in a black and white dream

who is faithful
in freedom to love
through mercies preserved
by God above
if faith deliver me
then delivered i am
for the Christ I admire
if not for a man

yes i shall have my own
for i have been a testing zone
alone at night
my bed’s cold stone
universe now
throw me my big dawg bone