Sheriffs and Dragons and Kings

Sorry … this was written before Sands discovered Assange is CIA.
DC Capitol Police call on me to run for Mayor of Washington, DC after I occupied DC alone six months in Anonomobile calling for overthrow of my United States government. I tell them I’m already Sheriff, and I won’t be taking a demotion. Perhaps I would have been more successful if I had come on ass.
Meanwhile, Mayor of London calls for end of siege on Ecuadorian Embassy, but nobody listens to him, as the greatest pillar of truth this modern age has seen, Assange, entrapped, is slowly being murdered like a tree without sun. dragon cross
Common law is sheriff’s law. Been around since medieval times but nobody knows. Says in order for there to be a crime, there has to be a victim; and, the state *can’t* be the victim. Our citizens incarcerated by the millions for victimless crimes: innocent black teens sold like slaves by judges to private prisons, as Monarchy refuses judicial request to question Prince Andrew for teen sex slavery. Everyone knows, cares, but the monster is big.
Never since the emergence of Western Civilization has a democracy survived. It soon grows too big, corrupt and murders itself. The Great Corporate Vampire that reigns over all lives on the blood of war. It was my U.S. that funded both sides of WWII and armed ISIS in Syria. Private bankers and private prisons and private armies all heads of the same bloody monster.
Those who take a stand to fight evil are met by the dragon’s tail, trapped like Assange, whacked by lies of the forked-tongued devil who makes the righteous look evil and the evil look righteous. Our men lost in deception. Our youth dragged into wars, maimed in mind and body, left scarred and homeless to fend for themselves in waste after having given all to defend the monster; for, evil shows no pity to those who become its demons. If the people had only listened to the Lord who saith, “Thou shall not kill,” it would not have been this way.
ordersThe Military, Congress, CIA, FBI, Dept. of Justice, Homeland Security and Police, just a mixed bag like Anonymous and the Church. Meant for truth and justice but filled with infiltrators, ignorant and seemingly only a handful of shepherd’s too powerless to make right the current of injustice that sweeps over humanity carrying most into poverty, suffering and death. Six and half million children dead of malnutrition last year, but the monster’s media never thought to do their job; and, even if they had, the slaughtered sheep too weak to help.
Having journeyed from the nest of Satan in DC–founded 1790 where the Devil’s dick prominently towers under disguise, I traveled across the great sea and now regularly pass through 4th century King’s Cross–among oldest Christian worship sites in London, to a fortress in Knightsbridge hoping the light from the fire that burns in my heart will somehow shine on Assange to help sustain him only to wonder if he thinks i’m a fed or even worse a stalker, so i trust him to find truth and damage my own reputation proclaiming i’m a lesbian to guard it. Most of the time I talk with guards for the truth that sets free, many of whom know full well the monster’s names and their crimes. They, too, care, but deem themselves powerless.
Unaware Year of Jubilee is in effect, masses feed and obey same monster who rapes them and their children as if it’s too late.  Not I!  The train came and left, and I got on it. There comes another train, who will board it? Who else shall refuse to pay back all loans to private bankers of the Federal Reserve who created our counterfeit currency from their empty bank account?! Who else shall refuse to blame God for religion of men?! Who else shall run to the ends of the earth giving all until death for life?! Which of you have already made friends with terror only to lament in your living nightmare? Only when banks collapse will power be restored to the people. 
… and I continue in my rightful quest to declare U.S. Civil War for the crimes of the gov. 
Sometimes I feel alone, powerless, but the Spirit of Truth comes over me and reminds me that I am but a flashing glimmer that shines from the Light of Life which carries with it all power, lest we forget. I sigh with relief, for to gaze upon the eternal light of glory would blind our earthly eyes as if by sun. Oh my soul, let all that is within me bless His holy name. Let my lion heart which fears none be pure enough to rain down tears of Heaven to cleanse the souls of evildoers. Nothing can I do to remedy the evil on this earth, but you, Oh Lord, are able. Unleash the angels. Open the seals and let scrolls come alive to free captives, to feed the poor and let there be a fury so wonderful that all men take notice. Arise, oh King, who can lead all men in love. Come, Lord Jesus. Come.